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Introduction to PLI Coaching Project with the Danielson Group - Shared screen with speaker view
James Colyott
You can learn more about the PLI partners by clicking here. https://learningwithimpact.org/partners
James Colyott
Please feel free to type any questions you may have about PLI at any time.
James Colyott
Kellie mentioned the Danielson Framework for Teaching Clusters. To learn more about the Clusters, click here. https://danielsongroup.org/framework/framework-clusters
Roni Louise Rentfro
Were the any of the schools/districts in the original work from Texas?
Wayne Walters
I have some familiarity with Stephanie Hirsh’s work regarding the Learning Team Cycle, and some familiarity with the Clusters, what model if any informs the coaching model?
Shannon Keuter
To respond to Roni Louise Rentfro's question: there are no Texas-based districts participating in the previous cohorts of PLI.
Marlene Darwin
The Framework for Teaching Model informs the coaching as well as the MyTeachingPartner Coaching Model in that it is also a cycle approach using video, strengths-based, and reflective like the coaching rounds for PLI.
Shannon Keuter
Remember, she is talking about last March (2020)
Marlene Darwin
We are quite experienced working with Texas districts on various projects and studies. We have an office in Austin.
Roni Louise Rentfro, Brownsville
Am quite familiar with AIR other projects which is why we are listening in today.
James Colyott
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Wayne Walters
Has this model been instituted in all content areas or has it traditionally been focused on selected content areas or even tested content areas? I ask because non-tested content areas are at times excluded from strong spaces of developing their craft with focused support and are often indirectly treated as less accountable for quality teaching and learning.
James Colyott
To request a 30-minute virtual appointment to discuss PLI with our team members, please click here. https://learningwithimpact.org/bookappointment. We will be happy to meet with you and your team, and even do multiple meetings with different personnel of your choosing to help build collaborative buy-in.
Marlene Darwin
Visit our website and book an appointment to talk further with us about this great opportunity:
Marlene Darwin
Wayne Walters
Now that we are now in a COVID era and in a space where beliefs about returning to “normal” which will never actually be “normal” again in the traditional sense of the way it was seems to be prevalent, what is the capacity and/or thinking of the PLI team to support and navigate engagement and teacher/coach support in ways that honor an era of readjustment to a new reality in teaching and learning?
James Colyott
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Nicol Christie
Thank you everyone for participating! We will be in touch with you soon.
Marlene Darwin
The team is well-equipped to navigate the residual impacts from COVID. The teachers are building agency and will feel empowered.
Teresa Lien
Thank you!
Mary Albanese
Thank you!
Greg Garcia, Brownsville
Wayne Walters
Thank you